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Update 29 December 2021

Earlier this year our Heritage Capital Projects Officer Keith Ashong, gave us a video tour Boston Manor Park and talked about some of the renovations taking place. As a local resident Keith also took time to say why the park and the improvements are so important to him. You can watch the video here.

Project progress update, December 2021

  • The new accessible path through the lower meadow and upper woodland path is complete.
  • New paths to link the central path to the amenity areas (playground, café, fitness areas) and to the path adjacent to the M4 are in progress. Many will be open for use over the Christmas break.
  • The changing room roofing, internal alterations and removal of old external paintwork are all complete.
  • The work to demolish and re-build the café pavilion will start in the new year.
  • The Lake works have involved extensive removal of silt. While most of the silt has already been laid around the outside, we have constructed a temporary ‘holding pen’ at the northern end of the pond for the excess. The silt will be held here to dry out and then removed to its final location.

Events taking place at Boston Manor Park in January

Boston Manor Park - Bird Walk and Survey

Saturday 29 January, 8.30 –10am, meet on main lawn by the Manor House

All ages welcome, sorry no dogs please. This weekend we’re contributing to the RSPBs Big Garden Birdwatch an annual, nationwide survey of birds. Join Vanessa for a walk around the park, woodland and meadow to survey and record the different bird species we see in the park. No experience necessary. Bring binoculars if you have them.

Boston Manor Park - Conservation tasks

Saturday 29 January, 10.30 –13.00, meet on main lawn by the Manor House

Ages 14 yrs and up. Join Vanessa in carrying out conservation tasks around the park to enhance our habitats for wildlife. Wear clothes and sturdy boots or shoes suitable for working outdoors.

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