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How we are improving the lower meadow - 25 August 2021

Lower meadow



Before the woodland management works, dense scrub and self-seeded trees had taken hold of the area, obscured the Grand Union Canal and the River Brent and were beginning to encroach into the wider meadow area. Many of the trees were dead, dying or diseased and approaching the end of their natural life. The area was a target for anti-social-behaviour and became inaccessible, especially during the winter months, due to flooding in low lying areas adjacent to the canal.

Opportunity for improvement

  • To re-connect the park to its natural assets and surroundings by selective tree clearance to restore views and improve the riparian habitat and meadow
  • Creation of a scrape to hold water during the winter and early spring.
  • Creation of a new accessible path through the meadow from the canal bridge to the historic core.


  • Clearance of the scrub and trees.
  • New accessible, hard-surfaced path around the meadow.
  • Additional fruit trees to the Community Orchard.


  • Improve the management of the meadow for ecology and extend the meadow grassland to the canal.
  • Manage the trees to retain visual connection with the canal and River Brent.
  • Improve the Community Orchard and memorial space.
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