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Boston Manor Park Project: update 2

Boston Manor Park has been awarded National Lottery funding for this far encompassing project which incorporates: 

  • a new learning space and modernised community café hub,
  • landscaping and extensive refurbishment of the Park focusing on ecological enhancement works
  • lake and riverbank improvements
  • a new nature trail path
  • accessibility alterations including a new accessible circuit path and changes to the Park’s amenities 
  • tree planting 
  • introduction of a wide range of on-site information resources and activities 

The first stage of works begun on 1 October with much needed scrub clearance and tree works in the lower wet Meadow area. Improving the ecological value of the park is at the heart of the project with ground and tree enhancement works aiming to encourage a thriving biodiversity. This will also increase the community’s opportunity for interaction and enjoyment of nature within the park and beyond its boundary to the Grand Union Canal and River Brent back wash with viewpoints being created. 

Throughout the park there are areas that have been encroached by scrub and are dominated by self-set saplings. These are in direct competition with the healthier and more beneficial tree and plant species that we wish to encourage for a greater range of ecological habitats. The overall park ecology will therefore benefit greatly from a reduction in both scrub and woodland management techniques, to thin out these currently dominant specimens.

Increased light will encourage stronger tree growth and a more diverse ground flora and fauna. A healthier water quality within the Lake, river and canal will also be a direct result of increased light and movement of wind across water surfaces. This again will attract birds, mammals and invertebrates by providing increased food sources.  Tree planting will also take place to increase the diversity of tree stock in the park and add to the borough’s resilience to Climate Change.

Community safety and heritage value will also be enhanced as a direct result by improving sightlines and protecting views around the park.

The tree works will continue throughout the park until the end of April 2021.

A noticeboard is due to be installed in the park which will show an image of the Masterplan of improvement works to be carried out. This will be accompanied by regularly updated information text informing park users about the current and future project activities and how the park will be improved, also how people can get involved. There will be practical volunteering opportunities for park users to join during the project and post completion.

Two new dedicated staff members; a Natural Park Manager and a Learning and Activities Co-ordinator will be in place to oversee the continued ecological development of the park and celebrate its rich history in different ways. Overall this project will secure the parks future as a much valued asset which will provide continued enjoyment for users and a valuable green resource within the Borough.

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