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Improving the River Brent where it flows through the park - 01 January 2021

To improve the section of the River Brent that flows through the park, Thames21 will be installing a series of wooden ‘flow deflectors’. 

Natural rivers tend to have some areas where water moves faster, areas where it moves slowly, and varying depths. 

The deflectors will help mould the flow of the river and replicate these natural variations. It will provide homes for plants and wildlife such as dragonflies and fish - including baby fish, which like to hide amongst tree roots and logs.

Opportunities to volunteer

Installation of the deflectors was planned to be via a series of volunteer events in January. Due to the national lockdown Thames21 have decided to suspend volunteering events to protect staff and volunteers. The deflectors will be installed with the help of contractors instead. Volunteers looking to get involved with Thames21 in the future should contact:” 

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