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How the project will improve the lake – 28 September 2021

Current condition

The lake and margins are currently ecologically degraded due to the dense tree canopy over the water, significant amounts of silt build-up and a lack of water circulation, which has led to the deaths of fish in high temperatures during the summer.

Opportunity for improvement

  • Enhancing the water quality for fish, waterfowl, birds, insects, invertebrates and amphibians.
  • Improving the lake edge and railings to secure the boundary and improve its appearance.
  • Careful and selective tree thinning which will allow the remaining trees to grow into healthy specimens, reduce leaf litter, allow light to penetrate the water and increase oxygen levels across the water’s surface by clearing the air currents.


  • De-watering and de-silting works.
  • Repair of the dam, reinstatement of the oak revetment edge, refurbishment of the metal railing and new shrub planting.
  • Careful and selective tree thinning.
  • Creation of a viewing platform.


Secure the future of the Lake for nature, heritage, safety and for the enjoyment and interaction of people.

Images of lakes in the Boston Manor Project



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