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Rescuing one of Boston Manor Park's veteran oak trees - 12 August 2021

Oak tree Boston Manor Park


Over the weekend, a branch of one of the veteran oaks trees fell to the ground near the lake in Boston Manor Park, damaging the fence around the lake.

Thanks to residents who reported the incident to the Council, the parks team has been able to get to the tree quickly to prevent further damage from occurring.

There is always a risk when a branch tears away from a tree that the tree is left exposed to further disease and damage. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to the loss of the tree entirely.

It’s believed the fallen tree in this instance was victim to white rot, which is a fungus that metabolizes lignin and cellulose in wood.

The tree will be continually monitored and inspected annually to establish if there are any further complications as a result of the fungal infection. At this point, further remedial works can be carried out to retain the tree.

We’re aiming to carry out repairs to the fence as soon as possible.

Once again, we’d like to thank residents for reporting the incident and we urge all residents to report damaged trees if you spot them on your walk through the park.

The earlier the parks team can get to a damaged tree, the more likely it is that they can take action to save it.

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