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Volunteer at one of our conservation task days - 26 April 2021

We are working with the TCV - the Trust for Conservation Volunteers - to enhance existing and create new habitats in Boston Manor Park. We would like to invite you to join us through practical conservation task days. All task days will be run within the Covid guidelines applicable at the time.

Dates Activity
27, 28 & 29 April Improving the ground around the Air Raid Shelter, clearing wooded debris, and enhancing the larger deadwood habitats
18, 19, 20 May Creation of dead hedging features at the woodland edge by the boundary with the River Brent
5th and 6th June (weekend) Family activity to make Bird and Bat boxes for the park

You can volunteer for a single day or multiple days, however, please note that due to Covid restrictions there is likely to be a maximum number of volunteers able to attend any one task day.
Register for a task on the TCV website.

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