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Update 06 April 2022

Tree planting triumph

volunteers at Boston Manor Park

Dead hedge building around a veteran Oak tree.

Over 160 trees are being planted at Boston Manor Park as part of the Reconnecting Boston Manor Park project. We’ve been busy planting some beautiful specimens and you’ll already see some in flower including Amelanchiers, cherries and Magnolias. These trees provide shade for us, a valuable habitat for birds and insects, as well as up-taking carbon dioxide and helping to mitigate air pollution.

Elsewhere around the site, you might spot other improvements we’ve been making for biodiversity. We recently erected 33 bird and bat boxes, which were made by Friends of Boston Manor volunteers and created a circular dead hedge around one of the veteran oak trees in the meadow. The dead hedge helps to reduce compaction of the root plate as people take a wider route past the tree. It is also an important habitat for insects, birds, amphibians and even hedgehogs who can use it as shelter and to forage for food.

Join Natural Park Manager Vanessa on the Spring Nature Walk on Thursday 14 April at 10am (meet on the main lawn by the Manor) where we’ll be looking for all the glorious signs of spring and wildlife that our trees and habitats support. You can sign up to hear about upcoming events and activities in the park by emailing:

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