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Restoration and enhancement works being carried out in April - 20 April 2021

Tree works
The Greenspace 360 team is completing the stump grinding and flailing, this is part of the ground preparation process which will start the preparation for seeding within the woodland belt areas either side of the M4, and in other areas of the park. Safety barrier fencing will be installed during these works.

Habitat creation
Greenspace 360 has installed several log piles in the woodland belts including a Stag Beetle loggery. Bird boxes donated by the Friends of Boston Manor will also be installed. The TCV (Trust for Conservation Volunteers) will be holding 8 practical conservation task days* in the park- late April, May, and June. Please see the poster relating to this or check the project blog to get involved.

River Restoration
Please contact Thames 21 direct if you would like to get involved in the river restoration work*

Lower Meadow
Ground reprofiling works will be taking place along the boundary with the Canal in the lower meadow area. This is to level out the allotment scrapes which resulted in untidy earth piles in this area. Additionally, the scrub debris in this area will be broken down to continue the preparation process for future seeding.

Fish surveying will commence to determine the health of the fish population. This is in preparation of removing and relocating fish to Bedfont Lakes before draining and de-silting works.
*All volunteer task days will be run within Covid guidelines applicable at the time.

Lake Fish Translocation

In preparation of draining and de-silting works, the fish in the Lake will be relocated. The translocation is being undertaken by a specialist contractor Countryside Management Consultancy Services under licence from the Environment Agency. The recent fish health check has indicated that there is a small fish population in relatively good condition, with numbers estimated in the region of 45. The fish are from 2 Carp varieties with weights between 9g and 3kg. The fish will be taken to a holding unit before they are then taken to Bedfont Lakes. Any terrapins caught will be moved to a rescue centre.

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