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Bat Walks at Boston Manor Park

Natural Park Manager Vanessa has been delivering a wide range of events for the park, including a packed, nature-themed, summer activity programme for families and the very popular bat walks.  The last bat walk on 10 August saw over 60 people come along to see the bats of Boston Manor!

After a short introductory talk by Vanessa to find out about our UK bats, where and how they live, feed and breed, we used bat detectors to spot and see what species of bat there are in the park. We regularly see the amazing aerial acrobatics of the Soprano pipistrelles and Common pipistrelles and it is a treat if the Noctules appear too, our largest bat species in the UK. We are currently working with the Bat Conservation Trust using an Audiomoth detector (an advanced form of bat detector) to see what other bat species we can verify are visiting or possibly roosting the park.

Bats are a protected species and are an important biodiversity indicator. Changes to our habitats, houses and factors that negatively impact their roosting spaces and our insect population (their food) will also impact bats. In Boston Manor Park we are managing the habitats to encourage bats – older and veteran trees provide plenty of roosting cavities and 15 new bat boxes (installed last winter) means lots of places for them to breed. We support a healthy insect population with the presence of the water bodies and trees, and the meadow and the new planting include lots of plants for pollinators.

Out next bat walks is on Friday 16 September, 7.15pm start. Meet on the main lawn, by the lake. No booking required, all ages welcome.

We have a range of different walks and activities for all ages. If you would like to join the mailing list to receive email updates on all our events at Boston Manor Park, please email:

Collage of people attending a bat walk at Boston Manor Park.



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