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Living with COVID – Government to end restrictions in England

The government will end remaining Covid restrictions in England from the 24th February, including the legal requirement to self-isolate, as part of a "Living with Covid" plan.
This means:

From 21 February

  • Staff and students in most education and childcare settings no longer have to test twice weekly

From 24 February

  • People with Covid will no longer be legally required to self-isolate
  • Guidance will remain in place for those who test positive to stay at home and avoid contact with others for at least five full days
  • Self-isolation support payments of £500 for those on low incomes will no longer be available
  • routine contact tracing will end - people in contact with someone with Covid will no longer be advised to self-isolate or take daily tests
  • Workers will no longer be required to tell their employer if they need to self-isolate

There will be specific government guidance issued for staff in particularly vulnerable services, such as adult social care, healthcare, and prisons and places of detention.
From 1 April

  • Covid tests will no longer be free for most people
  • The use of Covid passports will no longer be recommend, except for international travel
  • Employers will no longer have to explicitly consider Covid in their health and safety risk assessments 

What does this mean for Hounslow?

As the Government has announced the removal of the remaining domestic regulations in England and we move to the next phase of living with Covid 19, we continue to advise caution and as always we recommend you follow the Government guidance through the transition.
Individuals can still reduce the risk of catching and passing on COVID-19 by:

  • Getting vaccinated;
  • Letting fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meeting outside;
  • Wearing a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces, especially where you come into contact with people you do not usually meet, when rates of transmission are high;
  • Trying to stay at home if you are unwell;
  • Taking a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and staying at home and avoiding contact with other people if you test positive; and
  • Washing your hands and following advice to ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’.

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