Community Solutions

Community Solutions

Together with the voluntary sector and our community, we’ve created Community Solutions, a new way for the Council to respond early to the needs of local people.

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Our aim is to identify and solve problems before they turn into crises. With the support and expertise of local voluntary and community groups, Community Solutions will provide a range of resources and activities for residents in places that are suitable to you.

We are easily accessible online through Hounslow Connect – our new information and guidance hub, on the phone and in-person in convenient locations across the borough.

Accessing Community Solutions

Community Solutions can help in a wide range of ways, including finding local support and activities, befriending, financial support, information on keeping healthy, skills and employment, mental health support to more complex issues.

Working together with the voluntary and community sector and our health partners we want to help people before they face a crisis, however we also help at times of greatest need.

If you or someone you know would like to contact us you can do this by:


Members of our Community Solutions team are also based in community locations across the borough on a regular basis . The team will be on hand to speak directly with you about any concerns or needs. Do give us a call to find out when we will be in a location near you. You can also email to find out when the team will next be near you.


020 8583 2211  

Visiting Hounslow Connect:

Hounslow Connect is the new Community Solutions Digital platform and can be accessed via the buttons below for information about local services, activities, and support.

Where you can find the team this week

 Thursday 8 December

  • 9.30am-12pm: Bridgelink Community Centre, TW7 7QR  
  • 10am-12pm: Clayponds Community Centre, W5 4RQ  
  • 6.30pm-7.30pm: Bedfont, Feltham & Hanworth Area Forum Feltham Assembly Hall, TW14 9DN

Friday 9 December

  • 9am-1pm: Hounslow House (ground floor), TW3 3EB

Monday 12 December

  • 9am-1pm: Hounslow House (ground floor), TW3 3EB 

Tuesday 13 December

  • 11am-1pm: Feltham Library, TW13 4GU 

Wednesday 14 December

  • 2pm-5pm: Hounslow House (ground floor), TW3 3EB  

Thursday 15 December

  • 9.30am-12pm: Bridgelink Community Centre, TW7 7QR  
  • 10am-12pm: Storehouse Vineyard,  W13 7LX  

Friday 16 December

  • 9am-1pm: Hounslow House (ground floor), TW3 3EB
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