Paying your Council Tax

Pay your Council Tax by direct debit

You can choose to pay by Direct Debit on the:

  • First of the month
  • Tenth of the month
  • Eighteenth of the month
  • Twenty fifth of the month

You can also pay over 10 or 12 monthly instalments. (These may be reduced depending upon the number of months remaining in the financial year).

Pay by Direct Debit

With Direct Debit you have a guarantee of an immediate refund in the unlikely event of an error occurring. We will inform you of any changes 10 working days before the next instalment is due and you are free to cancel at any time, so you stay in control of your payments.

Setting up your Direct Debit couldn't be easier. Simply log in to your Citizen Access account (see button below) using your unique online key and Council Tax number, both can be found on your last Council Tax bill.  

While you're online and logged on, why not register for e-billing. It’s quick, secure and helps us to reduce our costs, so we can continue to provide the services you need.

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