Cabinet approves plan to better use its assets to help deliver Council and partner services, closer to home

Hounslow Council has agreed a plan to maximise the utilisation of council-owned buildings to better meet the needs of residents and communities, while unlocking development opportunities and providing better value for money for council-tax payers.

Published: Monday, 18th March 2024

Hounslow House

With ownership of more than 500 properties across the borough and in recognition of growing demands and complex needs of local communities the strategy focuses on having the right buildings, in the right places, and in the right condition.  

This initiative looks to enhance the functionality and accessibility of council owned properties and ensure they deliver real value to the communities they serve. Some buildings may be redeveloped and improved; others will have their usage changed, with others sold-off, potentially opening the way for private development of new housing, commercial or retails spaces. Revenue raised will be reinvested in order to improve the services offer to residents in Hounslow, and key decisions on the service offer will be made with the views of local communities taken into account.  

The strategy is aligned with the Council’s commitment to environmental sustainability, particularly in meeting 'net zero' targets, and is responsive to the current challenges of ensuring financial efficiency in public asset management. It lays out a clear framework for the future management and development of the Council's land and buildings, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of our residents by fostering connections and supporting thriving communities. Whether it involves regeneration, redevelopment, maintaining the status quo, or reallocating underused assets, the strategy is flexible and dynamic, ready to adapt to the best interests of the borough. 

The approach aligns with and enables delivery of other place-based priorities. It supports the Council’s ambitions to provide the right support when and where it’s needed through the new Community and Family Hubs network. Additionally, it supports our broader objectives to combat inequality, as outlined in our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy, and integrates with the development priorities identified in the Town Centre Masterplans for Brentford, Chiswick, Feltham, and Hounslow. 

 The Year One Action Plan details the steps for implementing this comprehensive framework in 2024/25, focusing on asset review and community engagement for better service engagement.  The first year plan will look at Feltham, Cranford, Ivybridge, Isleworth and more detail on the engagement plan for those areas will follow in the coming weeks. 

Councillor Tom Bruce, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Development, said:

“In an era where the needs of our communities are rapidly evolving, it's imperative that we not only adapt but also anticipate these changes to ensure the well-being and prosperity of our residents.  

“This strategy represents a bold step forward in how we utilise our assets for the maximum benefit of our community. By closely aligning our property assets with our ambitions for social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and economic resilience, we are laying down the groundwork for a future where our borough thrives.  

“Together, with the valuable insights and active participation of our residents, we will transform our spaces into vibrant hubs of activity, support, and innovation. Our commitment is to create not just spaces, but opportunities for every resident to flourish.” 

For further details on the Asset Management Strategy and its impact on the borough, please visit the Council website.   

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