Hounslow primary schools embrace low carbon technology and efficient energy use

Hounslow Council supports primary schools on their pathway to the Council's net zero carbon target of 2030.

Published: Thursday, 25th January 2024

Cllrs Lily Bath and Tom Bruce visit a school in the borough

All the Council’s primary schools are equipped with air source heat pumps, utilising low carbon technology for heating.

To provide well-heated classrooms in cold weather, the Council has supported four primary schools in replacing boilers with high energy efficiency to ensure optimal heating in classrooms. Crane Park Primary School, Grove Park Primary School, Strand-on-the Green Junior and its Infant & Nursery Schools, and Victoria Junior School have all upgraded boilers that reached the end of their design life.

The installation of new, small, energy efficient boilers in four primary schools took place in summer 2023, with funding provided by the Department for Education’s (DfE) capital funding for schools.

Councillor Tom Bruce, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Development, said:

“I’m pleased that the Council’s school improvement initiatives, particularly in replacing energy efficient heating facilities, can enable schools to reduce energy consumption. Schools are retrofitting with decarbonisation measures in order to meet the Council’s ambitious climate action plan of achieving net zero carbon by 2030.

“All these can contribute to building a low carbon environment – a crucial way to build a liveable and greener community for our next generation.”

Councillor Lily Bath, Cabinet Member for Education, Children, Skills and Employment, added:

“Our children deserve the best possible start in life. Starting at a young age, they can be nurtured in an environmentally friendly school environment. I look forward to all schools in Hounslow becoming net zero carbon and more energy efficient. The Council will continue to work with schools so that students can grow and flourish in a green and healthy environment.”

Ms Alison Small, Head Teacher of Crane Park Primary School, said:

“We are delighted to have been part of the decarbonisation project. It has been highly successful and the new boilers and 257 radiators have made an immense difference to the standard of our heating. These facilities have become a part of our low carbon, sustainable school environment where children can learn happily and healthily. We have also been inspired to improve further areas of the school.”

The introduction of air source heat pumps involves combining the high efficiency, low running cost and low carbon footprint of a heat pump with an existing boiler to integrate into the heating system.

This system, known as a hybrid, is advantageous for older or larger properties with higher heat loss, where an air source pump alone may not emit sufficient heat during cold weather, or where a multiple air source installation is not feasible due to overloading of the power supply.

The Council is planning further improvement in energy efficiency for primary schools. New heating distribution pipework and radiators will be installed in four primary schools in summer 2024 with an estimated cost of £1.8 million. Additionally, new, energy efficient boilers for five primary schools will be replaced, with an estimated cost of £700,000.

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