Hounslow Holocaust event invites residents to remember and learn

Hounslow Council hosted a special event to mark Holocaust Memorial Day with a Holocaust survivor’s descendant sharing the story of his mother, Marie Stein 1929 to 2016.

Published: Tuesday, 23rd January 2024

Holocaust memorial event in Hounslow

An audience of local people, Hounslow Cabinet Member, Cllr Shivraj Grewal, other members of the Council Cabinet and officers, gathered to hear Marie’s story, told by Gabriel Stein, at Hounslow House Library, Monday, 22 January.

Gabriel talked about how his mother, who was born in Łódź, western Poland, lost her childhood at the start of World War II with the German invasion of her homeland, in 1939. He talked about how Marie, then aged 10, and her parents lived in constant fear of separation, violence, deportation and death.

After much moving around, the family were forced into the ghetto at Warsaw in 1940, and then another in Łódź the following year, where they managed to survive until liberation at the start of 1945, thanks to a combination of Marie’s father’s medical knowledge, her mother’s determination, and “sheer luck”.
Explaining why sharing his mother’s story was important to him, Gabriel said: “In a world of rising anti-Semitism and other racism, it is vital that we keep alive the memory of those who miraculously survived the Holocaust and the horrors that they faced. Through their stories, we can hope to make people think and understand, and combat hatred.”

Cllr Shivraj Grewal, Cabinet Member for Communities and Equalities, said: “We are proud to be hosting this event marking Holocaust Memorial Day, and we are grateful to Gabriel Stein for joining us to share his remarkable family history.

“It is through shocking and humbling stories like that of Marie Stein, that we see the importance of coming together, listening to one another and becoming a more compassionate and united society.”

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