Hounslow residents are invited to 'Get Digital' at council run event

Learn more about digital services and getting online securely and efficiently at the next Hounslow Gets Digital event.

Published: Monday, 9th October 2023

A resident gets digital support from a digital champion

The 3rd Hounslow Gets Digital event takes place on Wednesday 18 October on the ground floor of Hounslow House and forms a part of the council’s wider digital inclusion and upskilling strategy.

Running from 10am to 3pm, this resident focused event will highlight a variety of digital services accessible by the community and support residents to get online securely and efficiently.

Following our successful summer event, for this Hounslow Gets Digital session we are collaborating with Get Online week, focusing on the significance of making our community confident in using digital amenities and promoting digital literacy and connectivity.

A montage of images from the last Hounslow gets digital event showing a group session and a resident getting one to one support from a digital champion

Featuring five distinct zones, each highlighting the benefits of getting online:

  1. Get Online to Stay Fit and Healthy: The Health Outreach team will be on hand to provide free blood pressure checks and information on staying healthy, including nutritional guidance, mental health resources, and wellness tips.  
  2. Get Online to Socialise: Focused on the importance of digital connectivity for fostering social interactions and relationships, this zone will showcase various social media platforms, virtual meeting tools, and community forums. Attendees will learn how to use digital platforms to connect with friends, family, and like-minded individuals while managing their digital presence effectively. 
  3. Get Online to Learn: This zone emphasizes the educational opportunities available through online platforms. Three Discovery will be hosting workshops around different topics that will enable lifelong learning and skill development. Digital Champions will be available to help with fundamental technology queries and assist with discovering e-learning resources, educational apps and harnessing the power of digital tools for personal growth and advancement. 
  4. Get Online Safely: Safety and security in the digital world are paramount. In this zone, attendees will receive guidance on cybersecurity, privacy measures and protecting personal information. Interactive workshops and demos will educate attendees on how to stay safe while using the internet and engaging with various online services. 
  5. Get Online for Connectivity: Our Barn will be taking referrals for laptops (subject to availability and criteria) and attendees will be able to explore internet options.  

Hounslow Gets Digital aims to empower residents with the knowledge and skills to harness the potential of the digital world, making informed choices and contributing positively to the community. 

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