Hounslow responds to the Government's urgent review into housing conditions

Cllr Sampson has set out how the Council is responding to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities urgent review into the housing conditions of private and social tenants.

Published: Wednesday, 14th December 2022

Image of Councillor Sue Sampson, who stands as a Cabinet member for Hounslow Council

Councillor Sue Sampson, Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Homelessness said: 

“The UK housing crisis is worse than ever, we have an acute shortage of homes, waiting lists are rapidly growing and sadly an unacceptable number of people living in poor-quality housing conditions as shown by the tragic case of two-year-old Awaab Ishak in Rochdale. It’s vital that the mistakes made in Rochdale are not repeated in our borough. In Hounslow, we want to help ensure every resident has a place to live and call their home – one that is in good condition, safe and secure.   

“We support the urgent review, which has been directed by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regarding damp and mould conditions, and practices for private and social tenants across the country. This directive is specific in its information requests and sets short deadlines for responses - initially by end of November and then by end of January.   

“Improving the quality and safety of housing for all our residents is one of the top priorities for the borough, and we have already advised the Secretary of State of the steps we are taking to respond to the tragic events and to his directive. We are therefore collaborating with the government, London councils and housing associations to thoroughly review the conditions and enforcement practices across our own social housing stock, housing associations properties, private rented accommodation secured by the Council, and wider private-rented accommodation.  

“We have set up a Project Group to co-ordinate the preparation of our submission to the Secretary of State by 27 January 2023. We are keen to develop alternative and proactive arrangements that also enable effective enforcement. Our detailed submission will therefore explain the condition of rented accommodation in the borough. It will also call for a review of our powers and greater regulation of private-rented accommodation.

“We look forward to making real changes that assist us in raising the standards of social housing and empower local authorities to improve conditions in private-rented accommodation.”

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