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Complain about parking policy

Challenges to parking tickets are not dealt with through our normal complaints process.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome you can appeal to an independent adjudicator. You can contact the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators

You can use the complaints procedure to raise concerns if you believe the policy on parking is:

  • Wrong
  • Being applied incorrectly
  • In need of changing
  • In need of clarification

However, the matter will be looked at from a broader policy perspective rather than an individual case basis. You will still need to dispute your individual ticket following the advice contained on the ticket or using the link provided above.

Parking tickets cannot be cancelled by a complaints officer or by councillors sitting at a complaints panel.

The Local Government Officer may look at issues where policy has been incorrectly applied but is not able to direct the council to cancel a ticket.

Complaints relating to parking policy and the progression of parking tickets are separate matters and making a complaint will in itself not prevent the progression of a parking ticket.

Make a complaint about the policy on parking

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