Make a complaint or comment

Complain about Council staff

We treat complaints about our staff very seriously.

These complaints are normally dealt with under our code of conduct for employees or through the staff disciplinary procedure.

This means these types of complaints or allegations made about staff will not normally be dealt with under our complaints procedure.

You will be advised at the time you make your complaint which elements of your complaint can be dealt with under the complaints process and which will be dealt with under internal management processes.

Make a complaint about a member of staff

The line manager or another senior officer will usually investigate your complaint about a member of staff. They may contact you if they require further information.

It will not usually be possible to keep you informed of the progress of an investigation or to advise you of the outcome of any disciplinary hearing.

By law, the Local Government Ombudsman is not allowed to investigate personnel matters.

Alternatively you may wish to complain about a member of staff by whistleblowing.

Whistleblowing is a procedure designed to allow anyone to express any concerns they have with the council and to do so without fear of victimisation, discrimination or disadvantage.

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