Make a complaint or comment

Complain about a council policy

Our policies impact on many areas of the lives of our residents.

These policies are reviewed and updated to take into account change in government policy, the law and local factors.

Our aim is to ensure that all our policies are:

  • fair
  • non-discriminatory
  • lawful
  • clear
  • up to date

We do recognise that there will be instances where you may believe that a policy affects you in a way that may not have been originally intended.

How do I get a policy changed or reviewed?

Most of our policies are available on this website.

If a policy is not available you should contact the relevant department to obtain a copy. You may then wish to discuss the issue with your ward councillor, or lead executive member for that department, or with the department directly.

Changing a council policy is a long process and will often require wide consultation and agreement with the executive of the council or in some cases the borough council.

Members of the public and community groups can also suggest a policy review as a topic for the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The details are here

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