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Complain about a tendering or procurement process

What to do if you have concerns about a procurement exercise

Suppliers and individuals who believe that maladministration has occurred either in the procurement process, the award of contracts by the council or in the delivery of services by contractors should email the council’s monitoring officer.

How to complain about a tendering process

We aim to ensure that all of our procurement processes are open, fair and transparent.

Organisations that submit tenders will be provided with feedback in relation to their bid and the evaluated scores that they achieved.  This feedback will be provided in an award decision letter which includes information on how a bidder has scored in comparison to the successful bidder and the areas in which their tender has scored less well.  This should provide bidders with sufficient information to assist organisations to improve their submissions for any future tenders.

An organisation can request further feedback from us if they feel that the award decision letter does not fully explain the reasons for them not being awarded the contract.

The letter and any further feedback will provide bidders with all the information they need should they be minded to challenge the council’s decision.

If an organisation is dissatisfied with the standard of our response, action or lack of action or others working on their behalf they can complain by submitting a complaint through our complaints process.

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