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Complain about a housing service

Our policy for allocating council properties is based on the individual circumstances of each applicant.

These take into account the person’s needs, medical background and history, family size and composition and a variety of other factors.

The number of people waiting for a new council property or to move from one council property to another is much greater than the number of properties we have available.

This means that the majority of customers on the housing waiting list will wait many years before getting a property. This is a similar case across most councils in the country.

As a result, we will not deal with complaints that are simply about excessive waiting times to be housed.

However, you can make a complaint if you believe:

  • your application has been dealt with incorrectly

  • the banding you have been allocated is incorrect

  • your priority date is incorrect

  • the housing allocation  policy has been incorrectly applied in your case

Make a complaint

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