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Refreshing Signage in Parks, 2023-2024

Hounslow’s greenspaces provide free, unhindered access to healthy opportunities, promoting healthy lifestyle and supporting individual’s health and wellbeing. They help to improve the appearance and attractiveness of the public realm and provide space for events and settings for sports facilities and physical activity.

2023-2024 Update

The Council are pleased to inform you that we are refreshing our welcome signs and noticeboards across all our parks, cemeteries and open spaces. Improvements begun in October 2023, and the nine remaining batches will be installed throughout 2024. 

Design Development

The London Borough of Hounslow worked with expert designers FWD to create an innovative new design solution for signage in Hounslow’s Parks. The project will produce a unique design and brand for Parks in Hounslow that can be replicated and utilised across the borough.

Through discussion with partners and key stakeholders, key elements of signage and brand identity were identified as being important for Hounslow’s Parks and open spaces. These are summarised below;

  • Attractive  - a unique, welcoming design for Hounslow’s Parks and open spaces.
  • Versatile – signage to be suitable for use whether a large park or smaller open space.
  • Legible – font, colours, text, icons and symbols should be carefully selected to illustrate activities in and around the Park.
  • Better connect people with place– easy to read maps highlight park assets and signpost to local amenities, graphics can emphasis a parks unique features.
  • Supporting residents to be active – graphics and imagery can reinforce the role of Parks in promoting healthy lifestyles, with a focus on increasing walking and cycling.
  • Promoting community involvement -  accessible noticeboards offer residents the opportunity to promote local events with a focus on increased participation and involvement.
  • Long lasting & durable–  signage should be robust and easy to maintain, a design for now and in the future.

The new signage will continue to be developed in a way which maintains its core function whilst promoting greater community use and participation.  Developed with expert designers and Behavior Change Specialists, the signs provide information on attractive, robust, long-lasting fixtures.

A variety of panels including welcome signage, park maps, locator maps and community notice boards can be configured in different ways and updated with information to be used across Hounslow’s Parks and open spaces. 

This unique modular system ensures that signage is suitable for larger Parks and smaller open spaces. The new solution was trialed in Redlees Park in the first phase of delivery.

Signage design guidelines

A copy of our design guidelines can be viewed online.

 Healthy Lifestyle Parks Pilot signage 2020

Thank you to the Park stakeholders who have worked to shape the project and support delivery. 

  Image of the new signage at Redlees Park, Isleworth. Signage at the Redlees Park


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