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Dukes Meadows

Dukes Meadows comprises 75.5 hectares (187 acres) of parkland located in the London Borough of Hounslow, adjacent to the River Thames and downstream of Barnes Bridge. It is one of the largest open spaces in London, offering open access to the Thames through the Thames path.

Dukes Meadows is of significant strategic importance as a sports hub in Hounslow, as identified in the recently adopted Local Plan, with many sports operating on the site ranging from football to cricket, rowing, golf and tennis as well as a health club.

Following consultation In 2016 Hounslow Council which identified priorities for improvement, the Council has published detailed plans and detailed proposals with a further consultation that run between October and November 2017. The consultation engaged with over 400 people and the following priorities were identified:

  • Better formal facilities (62%)
  • Better pedestrian experience (55%)
  • Creation of a pedestrian bridge (53%)
  • Changes to Thames path (48%)
  • Improved entrances (49%)
  • A better natural environment was also supported by 33% of the respondent.

The council has begun its ambitious plans to regenerate Dukes Meadows to deliver an improved public space and sporting facilities following the consultation. 

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