Free Trees for Hounslow

The London Borough of Hounslow is committed to significantly reducing our borough’s carbon footprint. We’ve pledged to plant 7500 trees this planting season, and encourage our local community get more involved with the environment in which they live in.

Following the excellent interest from Hounslow residents in last year’s tree giveaway, we are extending the resident offer and giving away 1000 free fruit trees to residents, allotment holders, and schools.

Our intention is to involve and educate people of all ages in shaping a sustainable cleaner and greener future for the borough. Tree planting is an immensely rewarding activity which promotes health and wellbeing as well as pride and ownership within a community. 

What trees are available

  • Elstar apple*
  • Golden Delicious apple
  • Brown turkey fig
  • Doyenne Du Comice pear* 
  • Victoria plum*
  • Kentish cob hazel nut.

Trees will be approximately 60cm in height. All trees will come in a pot and will need to be taken out and planted into the ground during their dormant stages. 

(*Allotment offer limited to these trees) 

Collection events

There will be 3 collection events within the borough, each between 10am -2pm.

Full details will be provided once your tree has been allocated.

  • Sunday 27 November: Turnham Green park, Chiswick
  • Sunday 11 December: Redlees Park car park, Isleworth
  • Sunday 15 January: Hounslow Heath car park, Central Hounslow

Terms and Conditions

  • One tree per household/allotment plot
  • Applicants must be a Hounslow resident or have an allotment plot registered in the borough
  • Tree must be planted within Hounslow

Before you register

  • Think about where you'll plant your young tree; consider the size and spread of the species of tree you are interested in.
  • Have a look into care tips on how to plant and care for a young tree.
  • If you can’t plant a tree yourself, ask family or friends to help you.

How to register for your FREE tree 

Parent's hands and his child helping gardening


After you have planted your tree

We’d love to hear about how your tree is doing; tag us on social media, use the hashtag #freetreesforHounslow, or email with pictures of your trees.


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