Residents FREE Tree Scheme

The London Borough of Hounslow has a commitment to significantly reduce our boroughs carbon footprint to tackle climate change and help our local community get more involved with the environment they live in.

As part of this commitment the Council are launching a FREE tree scheme where we will be giving out 500 free trees* to residents during the 2021/2022 planting season.

*whip trees - a very young tree about 1m in height.

What trees are available

  • Tree Species- Field Maple, Serviceberry, Hawthorn, Hazel, Beech, Swedish Whitebeam, Hornbeam
  • Fruit tree species: Apple – Cox’s orange pippin, Laxton’s superb, Bramley; Fig;
  • Pear – Doyenne Du Comice, Beurre Hardy and Plum Victoria.
  • Size of tree 1m in height. Some trees will come in a pot and will need to be take out and planted into the ground. Others will be bare root and ready for immediate planting into the ground
  • Oner tree per household
  • Applicant to be a Hounslow resident
  • Tree to be planted within Hounslow

Before you register

  • Think about the size of and spread of the species of tree you are interested in.
  • Look around your neighbourhood to see what’s thriving and what trees could enhance your local area.
  • If you can’t plant a tree yourself, ask family or friends to help you.

How to register for your FREE tree and pick up

Register with GreenTalk  - Resident Tree Planting | Hounslow Greentalk | Discover your local environment & help care for it.

Collection events

There will be 3 collection events within the Borough

  • Sunday 28 November 10am - 2pm: November: Dukes Meadows, Chiswick
  • Sunday 12 December 10am - 2pm: Redlees Park Car Park, Isleworth
  • Sunday 16 January: 10am - 2pm: Hounslow Heath Car Park, Central Hounslow

Tree planting pointers!

  • Think about where you'll plant your young tree
  • How to plant a young tree inc. preparation, staking, mulching, watering in
  • How to care for a new tree inc., weeding re mulching, un-staking, pruning, watering, pests and diseases.
Parent's hands and his child helping gardening


After you have planted your tree

Keep in touch with Greentalk after you've planted your tree.


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