Friends groups

Friends groups in Hounslow

Below is a list of local friends groups for Hounslow's parks and open spaces:



Beaversfield Park

Friends of Beaversfield Park

Bedfont Lakes Country Park

Friends of Bedfont Lakes


Bedfont Lakes Conservation Volunteers

Bridge House Pond

Friends of Bridge House Pond

Brent Lea Recreation Ground

Friends of Brent Lea

Chiswick Back Common

Friends of Chiswick Back Common

Chiswick House Grounds

Chiswick House Friends

Crane River Valley

Friends Of The River Crane

Dukes Meadows

Dukes Meadows Trust

Feltham Green

Friends of Feltham Green

Gainsborough Gardens

Friends of Gainsborough Gardens

Grosvenor Park

Friends of Grosvenor Park

Gunnersbury Park

Friends of Gunnersbury Park and Museum

Hanworth Park

Friends of Hanworth Park

Harvard Hill Recreation Ground

Friends of Harvard Hill

Heston Park

Heston Residents Association

Hounslow Heath

Friends of Hounslow Heath

Inwood Park

Friends of Inwood Park

Jersey Gardens

Friends of Jersey Gardens

Northcote Nature Reserve

Friends of Northcote Nature Reserve

St John's Gardens

Friends of St. John's Gardens

St Paul's Recreation Ground

Friends of St Paul's 

Strand on the Green Rec

Friends of Strand on the Green

Thornbury Park

Friends of Thornbury Park

Turnham Green

Friends of Turnham Green

Watermans Park

 Friends of Watermans Park

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