Hounslow allotment invoices 2021- 22 (interim)

Following the changes agreed with the allotment strategy it was advised on the letter to all tenants in November that an interim invoice covering the period from October 21 to March 2022 would be issued. We apologise but due to major IT issues with our invoicing system, we have been unable to fulfil this and we have therefore taken the decision to delay these until the first week of January 2022. However to reassure all tenants that the statutory period of 60 days will still apply for the payments to be made through normal channels.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Image of a Hounslow allotment

An allotment plot is a piece of land which can be rented for growing your own fruit, flowers and vegetables. 

Cultivating an allotment plot is not just a great recreational pursuit but an active, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Allotments promote a variety of benefits including:

  • Enhancing peoples physical and mental well-being
  • Protecting and enhancing local biodiversity
  • Improving local neighbourhood and social cohesion
  • Providing opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Contributing to social and economic regeneration.

We currently have 29 active allotment sites managed by Greenspace 360. The waiting lists is reviewed on a monthly basis.

Due to exceptional demand for our allotment sites, we are temporarily closing the waiting lists for new applicants. If you have already filled in an application form, there is no need to contact us.


Composting is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way of recycling your kitchen scraps and garden waste to provide you with a nutrient rich compost for your garden. 
Composting is good for you and good for the environment, what's not to like? Save money, save resources, improve your soil and reduce your impact on the environment.
For more information on what can and cannot be composted and how to get started visit Get Compost bins starting from £22.50.

Water Butts

Water is a vital ingredient for all plot-holders growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers but it is a precious resource. 
Investing in water butts can help reduce the distance you need to walk between your source of water and your crops. By installing water butts on your plot you create a very convenient supply of water. Where possible every gardener should have water butts to harvest any rain that does fall. 
We have teamed up with Get to provide water butts. Visit the Get Composting website to get started.

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