Wildlife sites in Hounslow


Biodiversity is the name used to describe the variety of all living things within an environment. It covers everything from bacteria to blue whales and algae to giant redwood trees. The environments where these organisms may live may include woodland, heaths, rivers or even cities! Such places are called habitats and are home to different types of plants and animals.

Wildlife site designations on Hounslow

We have:

  • one site called Kempton Nature Reserve that has been designated as a special protection area
  • two sites of special scientific interest (SSSI):. These are Syon Park Tide Meadow and parts of Kempton Nature Reserve
  • ten local nature reserves; and
  • 47 sites dedicated to the importance of nature conservation (SINC)
For a detailed list of all the sites listed above, please download the Hounslow Biodiversity Action Plan. The plan will include a map illustrating where the sites are located.

Contact us

If you would like to get involved in biodiversity activities or would like further information, email environmental.strategy@hounslow.gov.uk.
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