Births, deaths, marriages, citizenship and cemeteries

Book your appointments online!

Our new online system allows you to book an appointment to register a Birth, Death, Stillbirth, Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership.  

You DO NOT need to call us anymore to book your appointments, instead you can simply use our online booking form. 

Please note: once you have booked online, you will be sent confirmation of your appointment via text or email with a reminder of any documentation you will need to bring for the appointment.  

As well as booking appointments, you will be able to make payments in advance for services and any certificates you require.

You will also be able to cancel and rebook appointments without the need to call using the link provided in the email and text. 

The backlog of birth registrations caused by the pandemic has affected the availability of appointments we can offer.  

There are delays but we are offering the earliest appointment we have.

The 42 day timeframe to register baby has been suspended due to the current situation.  However you can still make a claim to receive child benefit before you register your child.

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