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Planned Locations

How have the locations been determined?

Data and feedback from TfL, London Councils, operators, and other boroughs has been used to inform the location strategy for the bays. It is important to have a good network of bays across the borough that gives e-bike users confidence they will be able to find an e-bike nearby and will be able to find space to return it at the end of their trip. In areas of high anticipated demand, the bays will be spaced approximately every 250-300m and in areas of lower demand, the spacing will be approximately every 500m. 

Locations have been planned in alignment with these densities, but some adjustments have been required to take account of nearby trip attractors, as well as any site constraints. This has been informed by extensive site survey assessment work which has taken into consideration a range of factors including the accessibility, visibility and security of locations, and the extent of existing pressures.

What will the bays look like?

The majority of bays will host between nine and twelve e-bikes. Bays will be located either on the footway where there is sufficient space and pedestrian clearance, or in parking bays. A bay with capacity for nine e-bikes will be approximately 7m long, which equates to approximately 1.5 car parking spaces. All bays will be fully demarcated on the surface of the highway as ‘CYCLE HIRE ONLY’.

What happens if a bike is parked outside of a bay? Who can I report this to?

If you notice a bike that has been left outside of a bay in an area where there are designated bays in operation (ie post scheme launch, as set out in the below programme), you can report this to Lime who will relocate the bike into a nearby bay and take action to fine the scheme user who has abandoned it. Lime can be contacted via email or by calling 0800 808 5223.

Through GPS tracking and reviewing end of ride photos, the operators will also be keeping a close eye on any bikes that look like they may have been abandoned and taking action accordingly. Although the majority of users choose to comply, Lime has a robust fining structure in place, with fines starting at £2 and rising to £20 before the user is banned from the scheme.

Where will the e-bike bays be located?

The planned bay locations for each ward can be found below. Further locations will be added to this page as they are confirmed.

Phase Ward Location Plans
3 Bedfont Link
1 Brentford East Link
1 Brentford West Link
1 Chiswick Gunnersbury Link
1 Chiswick Homefields Link
1 Chiswick Riverside Link
3 Cranford Link
1/2 Syon & Brentford Lock Link Link 2
3 Feltham North Link
3 Feltham West Link
3 Hanworth Park West Link
3 Hanworth Village Link
3 Hanworth Park Link
3 Heston Central Link
3 Heston East Link
3 Heston West Link
2 Hounslow Central Link
2 Hounslow East Link
2 Hounslow Heath Link
2 Hounslow South Link
2 Hounslow West Link
2 Isleworth Link
2 Osterley and Spring Grove Link 
3 Addititonal Phase 3 locations Link
Phase 1 and 2 e bike parking bay locations

E-bike parking bay planned locations

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