Car clubs

Car clubs can provide drivers with access to a car or van when they need one, without being tied into vehicle ownership.  For less frequent drivers in particular, there are significant savings to be made by paying for car use on a trip by trip basis, rather than having to pay large lump sums for vehicle purchase/lease, tax, insurance, maintenance, fuel and other fees.

There are already over 6000 car club members registered within the borough, and this figure is growing monthly.

Hounslow’s Transport Strategy recognises the important role that car clubs have to play in improving local air quality and helping to tackle the climate emergency.

Research from CoMoUK (a national organisation promoting shared transport) has shown that car clubs can help to cut residents’ costs and vehicle mileage, whilst boosting use of public transport and active travel. This in turn supports our air quality and climate change goals, with each car club vehicle shown to take around 20 private cars off the road. It gives residents access to a modern fleet of cars that are ULEZ compliant, and a growing proportion of which are hybrid/electric. The average car club car gives out 89% less NOx emissions, 72% less PM10 emissions and 27% less CO2 emissions compared to the average car.

Most car club operators provide a range of different vehicle types, from small city cars and SUVS to vans. Examples of vehicles currently seen in the borough include the following: Toyota Yaris, Vauxhall Corsa, VW Polo/Golf, Ford Puma, Renault Captur, Kiro Niro and VW Transporter. At present, vehicles are hired from specific car clubs bays in the borough, with the vehicle returned to the same bay at the end of your trip.

Most of the 34 vehicles currently available in the borough (across both operators) are on-street, but some bays are located off-street within new residential developments that are publicly accessible at all times.

There are currently two car club operators with vehicles located in the borough. For further details on driver eligibility, latest pricing (including current promotions) and vehicle locations, please check the below links to the operator websites:

At the time of writing this update, a variety of membership options are available from operators, ranging from free annual membership to monthly subscriptions, with regular promotions available.

Vehicles can then be hired by the hour or day from around £6 per hour or £60 per day, depending on the operator and membership option selected.

Given the growing number of car club members in the borough, the council is currently considering the possibility of increasing the number of car club bays provided across the borough.

With more vehicles located within a reasonable walking distance from home, we think this will make car club membership an even more attractive alternative to car ownership.

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