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Apply for a parklet

How to apply

Once you have a clear idea of what you would like to do and are ready to make your in initial application.

Remember to:

Discuss with your neighbours and get their support

Speak to as many people as possible who live near the proposed site and include those on the opposite side of the street. Tell them what you are planning and perhaps have a rough sketch to show.

The more support you get, the greater the chance of your proposal being successful.

If you are a business, please do speak with neighbouring businesses because we will need to make sure that you have their support and that your proposed parklet would not have an adverse impact on their operation.


Let people know that they can respond confidentially to  or add their names to your letter of support (see community parklets - letter of support template below), which needs to be sent in with your initial application.

If you have any questions, please email us at


We will review your Parklet after six months and will take into account the findings of a road safety assessment and any complaints, etc.

Please note: There is not an automatic extension for a further 6 months, if we have concerns then we may ask for the parklet to be immediately removed.

If your Parklet is extended for a further 6 months, another review will take place after 12 months when we will consider whether it could be made permanent.

If we become aware of concerns, we reserve the right to ask for the parklet to be removed at any time, and may remove it ourselves if we believe there is a significant road safety concern.

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