What is a Parklet?

Parklets repurpose a parking space on the street for uses other than the parking of cars. Ideally a parklet will fit within one parking space, an area of approximately 4.5 x 1.7 metres (one parking space) and we would discourage identifying a loading bay for a space for a parklet because it may be needed for several businesses in the vicinity.

Image of two example Parklets.

Parklets are designed to be fixed/attached to the allocated space and not easily moved, and can include:

  • Planters
  • Benches
  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Cycle parking
  • Games
  • Notice boards
  • or anything that your creativity and inventiveness can come up with.

Parklets bring people together, a community outdoor hub that creates opportunities to get communities together in a public space and should be designed to provide the widest possible benefit to the people who might use it.

How long will a Parklet be in place?

Once the application process has been approved after stage 2, your parklet will be in place for six months initially, so that their effects and impacts can be judged. At that time, we will review them and if they are effective and well used, and we are happy with other impacts they will have the opportunity of being extended for a further six months.

After that period, we will then review again and consider whether they could be made permanent. This will involve further consultation with local residents and businesses.

How can I get a Parklet?

Applying for a parklet is a community or business led project, which will be co-ordinated, funded and maintained by the applicant, business or community group applying.

Residents and businesses are welcome to apply, and we encourage creative approaches that are as innovative as possible.

There are two stages of the application process that need to be completed when applying for a parklet.

Stage 1

  1. Read the Parklets Guidance on the next page

Submit the following evidence by clicking on the “Application form” button on the 3rd page:

  1. Location of your parklet (include a map, and as much detail of the exact parking space you would like your parklet to be located.  Remember: we c
  2. Design plan of your parklet
  3. Evidence of local community support, you can use our template letter of support
  4. Details of the parklet (will there be plants, cycle parking, a bench, a table)
  5. Who will be funding the cost of the parklet and responsible for its basic maintenance

If you are unable to complete the online application form and need support in completing the form, you can email or telephone 0208 583 3322.

Once the application has been submitted, our traffic and parking teams will review the application and its supporting evidence, and a site visit will take place. 

If your proposal is accepted, you’ll be asked to submit detailed designs for approval and your application will progress to stage 2.

Stage 2

To complete stage 2 of your application, we will need the following information from you:

  • Detailed design of your parklet, which will include the height, width and any impact on visibility
  • Details of the fixed furniture that will be in your parklet
  • Details of public liability insurance, you will have set up for a least £10 million
  • Location of the parking space to be used for the parklet (include a map and identity the location to a nearby property number)
  • Further evidence of community communication and engagement (such as a letter to the community, posters, minutes to a meeting)

If you are a business, please consult your neighbours including other businesses, to ensure your proposals will not affect their operation. If you require licensing, you will need to apply under a separate process please see FAQ section. You will need to ensure the license is in place prior to installation.

Read more about the process flow

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