Road safety

School Travel Planning (STARS)

We work with all schools in the borough to develop and implement voluntary School Travel Plans (STP) using TfL’s STARS accreditation scheme.  

The aim of an STP is to reduce car use on the journey to/ from school to not only reduce congestion and air pollution but to improve the health of pupils by encouraging them to be more active and to make the area around the school safer.

The STP is submitted to TfL at the end of the academic year and is accredited at 3 different levels through their STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe) Scheme at either the bronze, silver or gold level. This provides schools with recognition and rewards them for their efforts in promoting sustainable travel. 

We work with schools to encourage and promote safe and active travel through a number of exciting activities and campaigns that aim to improve pupils' health and wellbeing and reduce traffic and transport issues outside schools.

Activities concentrate on enabling children to walk and cycle independently through pedestrian skills training, balance bike training for early years and school safety audits, cycle training and theatre workshops for older pupils.

For more information or to sign up to the scheme, please email the STARS team on


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