South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood

Hartington Road / Cavendish Road

Hartington Road is one of the busiest residential roads in the area, with nearly 8,000 vehicles on the average weekday at its busiest point. Two thirds of all traffic is heading in a northbound direction. The northbound dominance of traffic continues on Bolton Road, Grove Park Road and Sutton Court Road, which highlights the degree to which traffic uses this route as a cut through between the A316 and A4, in order to avoid Hogarth Roundabout.

The proposal is therefore an introduction of a northbound access restriction on Hartington Road, to the south of the junction with Chiswick Quay, in order to remove this through traffic. This will be controlled via an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera. Northbound access to drivers will be open to residents only, via a permitting system. Vehicles with pre-registered licence plates would be able to continue to travel in a northbound direction (i.e. away from the A316). Vehicles permitted to travel northbound through the restriction are all residential properties that sit within the geographical area covered by the ‘CS’ and ‘RV’ controlled parking zones.

This is the area that sits between the river, the London overground railway line and national rail line, as shown in the red box on this plan.

Residents can register their licence plates via a short eform below. For any resident who does not have internet access, please call 020 8583 3322 and leave a message with your details. A member of the team will then get back to you.

Resident Vehicle Exemption form

Only vehicles registered to the following addresses can pass through the permit holders only point:

  • Bailey Mews W4 3PZ (ALL)
  • 1-6 The Marais, Bolton Road, W4 3TH
  • Bolton Road W4 3TA, W4 3TB, W4 3TE (ALL)
  • Cavendish Road W4 3UH (ALL)
  • Chadwick Mews W4 3QX (ALL)
  • Chiswick Quay W4 3UR (ALL)
  • Chiswick Staithe W4 3TP (ALL)
  • Coniston Close W4 3UG (ALL)
  • Devonshire Gardens W4 3TN, W4 3TW (ALL)
  • Ernest Gardens W4 3QU (ALL)
  • Grove Park Gardens W4 3RY, WR 3RZ (ALL)
  • Grove Park Mews, W4 3AW (ALL)
  • Grove Park Road W4 3QA, W4 3QD, W4 3RS, W4 3RT, W4 3RU, W4 3SA, W4 3SB, W4 3SD, W4 3SE, W4 3SF (ALL)
  • 2-62 (even numbers only) Grove Park Terrace W4 3QE, W4 3QG
  • 1-23 (odd numbers only) Grove Park Terrace W4 3QE, W4 3QG
  • Hartington Court W4 3TT (ALL)
  • 1, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16-89 Hartington Road, W4 3TL, W4 3TS, W4 3TU, W4 3TX, W4 3UA, W4 3UB
  • Herbert Gardens WR 3RD (ALL)
  • Ibis Lane W4 3UP (ALL)
  • Kinnaird Avenue W4 3SH (ALL)
  • The Lindens W4 3UQ (ALL)
  • Loraine Road W4 3QT (ALL)
  • Magnolia Road W4 3QN, W4 3QW, W4 3QY, W4 3QZ, W4 3RB (ALL)
  • Ranelagh Gardens W4 3RP (ALL)
  • Redcliffe Gardens W4 3RG (ALL)
  • Riverview Grove W4 3QL, W4 3QJ, W4 3QP (ALL)
  • Riverview Road W4 3QH (ALL)
  • Spencer Road W4 3SL, W4 3SN, W4 3SP, W4 3SS, W4 3SU, W4 3SY, W4 3SX, W4 3SZ (ALL)
  • Station Approach Road W4 3SJ (ALL)
  • Station Gardens W4 3SR (ALL)
  • Nought-12 Strand-on-the-Green W4 3PQ
  • Flats 1-6 Loretta Wharf, 18-19 Strand-on-the-Green, W4 3PN
  • 79, 160-188 Thames Road W4 3RE, W4 3QR, W4 3QS
  • Thames Village W4 3UE, W4 3UF (ALL)
  • Windrush Close W4 3TQ (ALL)


Access for any visitors or deliveries through the restriction will not be permitted as part of the trial, these vehicles will need to find an alternative route via the A316 and Staveley Road or Burlington Lane.
Southbound travel along Hartington Road (i.e. towards the A316 and Chiswick Bridge) will remain unchanged for all vehicles.
The trial is planned to last for a minimum of 6 months. A date for implementation has now been confirmed. The signing is due to be installed during the week commencing the 30 November 2020, with the scheme to go live on the 7 December 2020.
Implementation date: December 2020

Interim Review: April 2021

Final Reviews: July 2021


The start of the zone will be informed by the following signs:

Road signs



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