South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood

Due to current funding constraints, TfL has temporarily paused the Liveable Neighbourhoods programme pending confirmation of their long-term funding package in December 2021. As such, delivery of the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood scheme has been put on hold until funding from TfL becomes available. Some of the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood measures have already been implemented as part of Hounslow’s Streetspace programme. Other measures, such as those for the Grove Park Piazza, that were not implemented as part of the Streetspace programme have been put on hold pending funding. TfL will be making further announcements in the coming months.

Following the council’s successful bid to gain a share of the Mayor of London’s Liveable Neighbourhood programme in March 2019, the south Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood project was launched. This combines a range of schemes across the Grove Park and Dukes Meadows area that focus on increasing the number of trips made by foot, bike and public transport while improving local public space. To help shape these proposals, the Council ran a public consultation in late 2019 and collected data on traffic volumes, speeds and movements across the area.  You can learn more about the project and view the consultation comments on the project website here.

The feedback from residents, schools, businesses and local community groups has been reviewed along with the traffic data and a series of trial measures has now been brought forward as part of the Council’s Streetspace scheme, announced on 7 May. These proposals aim to transform the area into being a ‘low traffic neighbourhood’, preventing motorists from using residential streets as a cut through between major roads. This will be achieved by introducing a range of closures and access restrictions, significantly reducing traffic speeds and volumes in the area.  In addition, three ‘school streets’ are proposed to remove traffic from outside school gates at collection and drop off time, improving safety and air quality while maintaining resident access to properties at all times.



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As part of the response to coronavirus, the Government’s has released statutory guidance strengthening the requirement for councils to undertake these works and for them to be done as ‘swiftly as possible’. In view of this, the Council is accelerating the pace of introducing these measures to ensure that traffic levels, which have recently increased, are kept as low as possible. Reducing traffic volumes and providing more dedicated space for vulnerable road users will help improve safety on the roads, support people to undertake more physical activity and help sustain recent improvements we have seen in local air quality.

A short video has been created to help explain why the measures have been developed and how they work together. The following pages also provide more detail on each project being taken forward on a trial basis.

All the proposed projects are trials and are proposed to be in place for a minimum of 6 months.
The first project to be delivered, in May 2020, as a priority response was the closure of Dan Mason Drive to traffic underneath railway line, to ensure a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists is maintained while allowing for social distancing.
Feedback on the all the proposals can be provided via the Council’s Streetspace consultation page. The council welcomes all feedback during the trial periods, which will help to inform whether the trials will be removed, altered or made permanent. 


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