Hounslow's Streetspace

Engagement and consultation

Thank you to all those who participated in our initial Streetspace consultation - in May and June of this year. We received over 4000 contributions (suggestions and agreements, or "likes") from a total of 866 respondents, many of which have already been implemented or will be in the coming weeks.

We asked respondents to tell what issues they had identified at the locations they were making suggestions about, and this is what they told us (note respondents were encouraged to select all that apply):

  • 310   Lack of space for cycling
  • 283   High vehicle speeds
  • 241   Lack of space for walking
  • 220   Narrow pavements
  • 191   Congested pavements
  • 37     Disorganised queuing outside shops

In addition to asking for suggestions about where more space was needed to help people travel around safely on foot or by bicycle, we also asked those who participated in our consultation to tell us about their experience of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic and their level of support for our Streetspace programme. The feedback we received in response to those questions is summarised below, and seems consistent with the finding of a London-wide polling exercise carried out by the Centre of London, which can be access here.

streetspace 1

streetspace 2

We have now opened a consultation to gather views on all our Streetspace measures and trials over the second half of this year. If you have any feedback on a measure / trial that has already been introduced, we would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to share it with us by clicking here.


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