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Through the Streetspace programme a number of significant changes will be made to our network over the coming weeks and months.

Below is more detail about works which have been announced to date under Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the programme - the majority of which are based on feedback we have had from residents through our online engagement.

These projects are being progressed as trials under temporary or experimental traffic orders as appropriate. This means that consultation is undertaken simultaneously with implementation and all feedback received used to inform whether the trial should be made (in full or in part) permanent or not.  To provide feedback on any Streetspace schemes please complete our consultation feedback form.  For more details about how we are determining which trial schemes are being progressed and how we will assess whether or not to make them permanent in the future, please visit our Streetspace governance page. 

1. Hounslow West Parking Restrictions. (TRIAL CANCELLED)

Provide wider pavements to enable people to observe social distancing guidelines at this busy local retail parade by suspending parking in Hounslow West. 

  • Expected implementation date: Completed
  • Interim review: Autumn
  • Final review: Early 2021
On 22/06/2021, following further engagement by independent consultants with local businesses, it was decided that this trial was ended in early July.

2. Hounslow Town Centre (Nos 45-83 High Street) widening.  

The southern footway of High Street Hounslow (between Nos 45 and 83, which lie between the junctions with Kingsley Road and School Road) is relatively narrow, accommodates street trading and has a very busy bus stop.  This makes it difficult for people to observe social distancing in this space.  To reduce crowding and create more space, we have an interim solution for quick implementation, and a slightly longer-term solution that will likely follow later in the summer.  From mid-June, the westbound bus stop is to be suspended, and barriers will be placed in the road in the bus stop clearway to provide more footway space. The footway adjacent to the next bus stop to the west (near Fair Street) is to be widened by removing a section of wall to the temporary car park to allow pedestrians to stand in this space as they wait for a bus.   Some parking in the car park will be suspended to accommodate this.  For the longer-term solution, the central reservation will be cut back.  This will create more space to allow the southern footway to be widened so we can safely reopen the bus stop again.

  • Expected implementation date: July 2020
  • Interim review: May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021

3. Bus Lane Hour Extensions

Ensuring there is more space for those people, including keyworkers, who are using the borough’s main roads on bicycles to access jobs and services by amending bus lane hours across the borough.  Extending to 24/7 where possible, and at a minimum to cover the busiest times Monday-Sunday, on a trial basis. This will also assist in providing additional space for those looking to get exercise through cycling. (Note: Provision for loading to local premises will be retained.)

  • Expected implementation date:Completed
  • Interim review: May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021

4. Recommencing/accelerating approved Sustainable Transport Schemes. 

Works have recommenced on a number of paused improvement schemes to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

These include:

Boston Manor Road Cycle Improvements,

Twickenham to Brentford Cycleway works in Isleworth

Feltham High Street Improvements (including a temporary widening on footway Hounslow Road bridge footway to facilitate improved social distancing when the road reopens two ways)

Implementation of segregated cycle facilities on Bath Road, (Vicarage Farm Road to A4) 

Widening footways on Victoria Road, Feltham. 

Improving pedestrian facilities on and in the vicinity of Windmill Road, Brentford to start in summer 2020.

  • Expected implementation date: Ongoing
  • Interim review: N/A (permanent schemes)
  • First formal review: N/A (permanent schemes)


5. School Streets 

Under the Streetspace programme we are stepping up work on introducing ‘School Streets’: timed resident-only access and/or parking restrictions to reduce traffic and parking outside school gates at school arrival times.   For more information visit our School Streets pages.


Full School Street schemes:

This starts with the implementation of schemes which have already been consulted on and approved at the following locations:

- Sparrow Farm Infants,

- Marlborough Primary,

- Smallberry Green Primary

- The Green School

- Extension of existing scheme at Nishkam to cover Leigham Drive.

  • Expected implementation date: Summer 2020
  • Interim review:  N/A
  • Final review Summer holiday 2021.

The Council is bringing forward proposals for the following schools:

- Springwell Primary/ Berkeley Academy and Edison

- Hounslow Town

- Orchard Primary

- Lionel Primary

- Isleworth Town Primary

  • Expected implementation date: Autumn 2020
  • Interim review:  N/A
  • Final review Summer holiday 2021

In addition, School Streets are proposed at Grove Park, Chiswick School and Cavendish Primary as part of the south Chiswick liveable Neighbourhood works.

Trial School Street cul-de-sac closures

The council is looking to introduce resident-only restrictions outside the following schools which in the main have accesses off cul-de-sacs.  For the summer term this will be through the use of temporary road closed signs and cones deployed by school staff. From the autumn term, these will be upgraded to formal resident-only access restrictions enforced via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera.



St Paul’s CofE Primary School


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School & The William Hogarth Primary School


Sparrow Farm Infant & Nursery School


Fairholme Primary School


Edward Pauling Primary School


Hounslow Heath Junior School


The Orchard Primary School


St Michael & St Martin Catholic Primary School


Lampton School (secondary)


Spring Grove Primary School



  • Expected implementation date:  Temporary closures completed June 2020, semi-permanent measures to follow in Autumn.
  • Interim review:  N/A
  • Final review: Summer holiday 2021.


6. South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood  

A range of projects are proposed throughout the ‘South Chiswick’ area.  This was an existing TfL funded project to develop a ‘liveable neighbourhood’ in this area.  Find out more on the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood project pages, or watch a short video.

7. Occupation Lane Closure  

Occupation Lane (leading into Clayponds Avenue) forms an attractive route, sometimes referred to as a ‘rat run’, for those looking to access the A4.  Closing this road using physical barriers will reduce desirability of this route.  Additional measures are also being developed to reduce the impact of any traffic diverted as a consequence of this closure using Chestnut Avenue.

  • Expected implementation date: July 2020
  • Interim review: May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021.

8. Green Dragon Lane in Brentford  

This residential road forms a key ‘rat run’ between Brentford High Street (A315) and Ealing Road (B455).  Through trips will therefore be restricted in both directions using ANPR cameras, but access for residents and their visitors will be maintained, and parking at premises along the road will be unaffected.

There is currently no expectation that residents will need to register vehicles. We will keep local residents updated and request their further feedback as the trial progresses.

  • Expected implementation date: July 2020
  • Interim review:  May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021.


9. Lionel Road South Closure

Following completion of the new football stadium and associated residential development, we are seeking to make permanent the existing closure (for construction access) of this road.

  • Expected Implementation Date: Autumn 2020
  • Interim review:  N/A (permanent scheme)
  • Final review: N/A (permanent scheme)

10. Wellesley Road and Stile Hall Gardens closure

On TfL’s behalf we will implement a permanent closure to vehicle access to Wellesley Road at its junction with the South Circular.  Stile Hall Gardens will also become ‘in only’ from the South Circular (which has already been approved as part of the TfL Cycleway 9 (CW9) scheme). Bringing this closure forward will significantly reduce through traffic on these narrow residential streets, and also improve conditions for cyclists more generally on this route between Brentford and Chiswick town centres by delivering lower traffic volumes.  Footway parking on Wellesley Road will also be removed back to the road to increase usable footway widths.

  • Expected implementation Date: Complete
  • Interim review:  N/A (permanent scheme)
  • Final review: N/A (permanent scheme)

11. Heston Services (North) Access restriction

We will take action to tackle the illegal use of accesses to the M4 at Heston Services (north), which brings many thousands of additional cars onto roads in Heston.  This will involve implementing a similar arrangement to that already in place on the southern side of the services (Phoenix Way).

  • Expected Implementation Date: Summer 2021
  • Interim review:  N/A (permanent scheme)
  • Final review: N/A (permanent scheme)

12. Turnham Green Terrace – Parking Suspensions and Restricted Access (TRIAL CANCELLED)

The council introduced a trial road closure of Turnham Green Terrace of preventing through traffic. The closure still allows access to Turnham Green Terrace Mews for businesses and associated visitors, with some loading/unloading and blue badge parking facilities retained to ensure those requiring these facilities are not adversely impacted.

The loading bays in Turnham Green Terrace will be for all vehicle users who are picking up or dropping off items at businesses and not just those traditionally classified as ‘goods vehicles’. Loading/unloading will be limited to a maximum stay of 20 minutes.

The existing pay and display parking bays, where not being used for loading or blue badge parking purposes, have been suspended, widening footways and facilitating social distancing for pedestrians.

Restricted access is being enforced by CCTV to enable the permitted access described.

The Council will extend the footway beside the bus stop outside Nos. 2-12 Turnham Green Terrace to accommodate social distancing for those waiting at the bus stop and pedestrians using the footway.

  • Implementation date: July 2020
  • Interim review:  May 2021
  • Final review: N/A 

On 17/05/2021, following independent reviews of the boroughs streetspace trials, it was decided that this trial was ended.

13. Devonshire Road – Parking Suspensions and Restricted Access (Decision to make the TRIAL permanent. AMENDED, January 2023)

As part of the councils’ Streetspace programme, a trial road closure was implemented at Devonshire Road, between its junctions with Chiswick High Road and Glebe Street, with the intention of preventing through traffic, while still allowing access to Prince of Wales Terrace for residents, businesses and associated visitors, and while retaining some loading/unloading and blue badge parking facilities.

On 22/06/2021, following further engagement by independent consultants with residents and local businesses, it was decided this trial would be significantly amended, with provision made for restaurants and cafes to retain a limited number of parking spaces for outdoor dining, but with general traffic access being reintroduced during the daytime (8am to 5pm) before the end of July 2021.

Between May – June 2022 a further engagement exercise was then carried out with residents and local businesses on Devonshire Road. Following that, on 01 December 2022 a Chief Officer Decision (COD) paper was published on our website (see Item 4 for further detail: Agenda for Chief Officer Delegated Decisions on Thursday, 1 December 2022, 12:00 pm | London Borough of Hounslow).

This COD paper approved the following:

  • a) That the Chief Officer approves making the Devonshire Road access restriction permanent through the implementation of a permanent Traffic Management Order with an amended start time of 6pm.
  • b) That the Chief Officer authorises officers to proceed with the detailed design and implementation of a permanent footway in place of the temporarily suspended parking bays at Nos.8 to 22 Devonshire Road.

Therefore, the slightly revised arrangements being put in place on Devonshire Road are that motor vehicle access to Devonshire Road (between its’ junctions with Chiswick High Road and Glebe Street) is restricted access between the hours of 6pm – 8am (instead of the previous times of 5pm – 8am). General traffic access will be permitted outside of these times.

Please note: The change in the access restriction operational hours will come into operation on Saturday, 28 January 2023.

Traffic will continue to be restricted overnight to allow for street trading to take place from the suspended parking bays on the eastern side of the road, and it should be noted that access to premises, for loading and for disabled parking will be maintained. 

14. Chiswick Parking Suspensions - outside of the police station (TRIAL CANCELLED)

In order to create more space for pedestrians, provide additional cycle parking and help reduce car travel into the town centre in line with government guidance, a number of parking bays have been suspended outside the police station.  Disabled bays have also been moved from the footway side to other locations within the car park to allow for the footway to be widened.  We stand by to review further parking suspensions if businesses in this location require additional space to open safely.

Trial started: 1 June 2020
Trial ended: May 2021
Final review: N/A
On 17/05/2021, following independent reviews of the boroughs streetspace trials, it was decided that this trial was ended.

15. Duke Road Closure

A restriction on motor vehicles entering Duke Road from Chiswick High Road has been introduced, resulting in fewer turning movements at the junction, reducing the risk of conflict with cycles and pedestrians. Access is maintained via Duke’s Avenue - Bourne Place.Cycles are exempt from the Duke Road restriction.

  • Expected implementation date: Complete
  • Interim review:  May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021.

16. Fishers Lane Restrictions  

No Entry except buses and cycles will be introduced on Fisher’s Lane at its junctions with Chiswick Common Road and South Parade. This will remove through traffic movements at the railway bridge, improving the environment for cyclists. Access for buses will be maintained, to ensure services are not disrupted. The proposals will be jointly introduced with London Borough of Ealing.

  • Expected implementation date: Complete
  • Interim review:  May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021

17. Amhurst Gardens, Teesdale Avenue and Teesdale Gardens Restricted Access

These residential roads form key ‘rat runs’ between Twickenham Road (A310) and London Road (A315).Through trips will therefore be restricted, however access for residents maintained. This will also create a safer environment for people to access the hospital.Bus and emergency services access will be retained.

  • Expected implementation date: July 2020
  • Interim review:  May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021.

18. North Street, Isleworth restrictions 

This scheme seeks to prevent traffic turning into North Street from Twickenham Road.  This will allow for the widening of the footway adjacent to Silverhall Park which forms a key access route into this well used local green space.  Gas works are anticipated in this area over the summer, the trial change will take place after these have finished.

  • Expected implementation date: Autumn 2020
  • Interim review:  August 2021
  • Final review: Late 2021.

North Brentford (Whitestile, Enfield Road, Challis) Restrictions

These residential roads form key ‘rat runs’ between Windmill Road (B452) and South Ealing Road (B455).  Through trips will therefore be restricted in this area via the use of trial road closures and access restrictions.

  • Expected implementation date: Summer 2020
  • Interim review:  May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021.

Pop up cycle lanes

These projects seek to introduce, or strengthen, cycle facilities along main roads. In line with government guidance this could be through the use of ‘light segregation’ such as traffic wands.


19. Twickenham Road ‘pop up cycle lane’ 

The council is working with West Middlesex Hospital to improve the cycle facilities along Twickenham Road, Isleworth.  This will involve the removal of the bus lane infrastructure in this location and replacement with cycle tracks in both directions.  These will be protected by light segregation where possible.  Phase 1 of the scheme covers the section of Twickenham Road North of Linkfield. Phase 2 covers the section between South Street and the borough boundary with Richmond.

  • Expected implementation date: July 2020
  • Interim review:  May 2021
  • Final review: August 2021.

20. Cycleway 9 East (Brentford to Chiswick)

In close partnership with the council, TfL has introduced a temporary version of Cycleway 9 on Chiswick High Road, Heathfield Terrace and Wellesley Road. These works were completed at the end of December 2020. The full decision for the scheme can be found here.
In addition, TfL has provided a summary of the scheme and responses to FAQs, which can be accessed here.
  • Implemented: December 2020
  • Interim review: N/A
  • Final review: 2021

21. Cycleway 9 West (Brentford to Hounslow)

The council is working with TfL to explore opportunities for providing improved cycle facilities along the alignment of the future extension of Cycleway 9 from Brentford to Hounslow. Further announcements will be made in due course.

  • Expected implementation date: Autumn/Winter 2020/21
  • Interim review: N/A
  • Final review: 2021

22. Future pop up cycle lane programme  

The council is undertaking feasibility work on a range of pop-up cycle projects on key connector roads across the borough including Staines Road, Bath Road, Feltham High Street and Cranford Lane. Further announcements will be made in due course.

  • Expected implementation date: Winter 2020/21
  • Interim review: N/A
  • Final review: 2021
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