Cycling in Hounslow

E-cargo Bike Scheme

Electric cargo (e-cargo) bikes

Use an e-cargo bike to carry your children and shopping, or as a sustainable delivery option for your business. 

  • Try an e-cargo bike for one month by simply depositing £200.
  • If you like the bike, buy it at a discounted price or continue to pay monthly until you own it.
  • Includes three-month service.

How can an e-cargo bike benefit you and your family?

  • Smaller and quicker: Reduce your waiting time in traffic and allow you and your kids to feel freer.
  • Good for your family's health: Help build your muscles and improve your heart and lung capacity.
  • Amazing for the environment: With zero tail pipe emissions, you can contribute towards reducing pollution within your household and local community.
  • Perfect for the wallet: Park for free and reduce your fuel and maintenance costs.

How can an e-cargo bike benefit you and your business?

  • Be more efficient: Deliver packages and transport goods faster than conventional vehicle equivalents.
  • Great assistance provided: E-cargo bikes offer pedalling assistance for long commutes and hold up to 100kilos.
  • Become a greener company: Cut congestion costs and emit less CO2 per mile than the average petrol or diesel car.
  • Promote your business: Brand your cargo bike and advertise your business to a wider audience.
  • A profitable opportunity: A reduction in overall costs will help improve profitability

Trial a cargo bike here

If you are not sure if an e-cargo bike is right for you, please complete a short survey to help us understand your barriers to using an e-cargo bike:

For general residents, please click here

For business owners/those looking to rent an e-cargo bike for business purposes, please click here 



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