Electric vehicles - charging points

EV charge points in Hounslow

The Council have introduced public charge points across the borough close to town centres and public car parks; these are made up of fast charge points which are operated by Source London and rapid charge points operated by BP Chargemaster. Both types of charge points are available to use on a pay as you go tariff or monthly membership option and customer can find their closest charge point using www.zapmap.com.

With electric vehicle charge points now outnumbering petrol stations by 2 to 1, London Borough of Hounslow will continue to expand the public charge point network whilst all lamp column charge points, which are operated by Ubitricity will have pay as you go functionality from 1 October 2020.

Charging points for residents without off-street parking

We are committed to providing electric vehicle charge points for residents who own an electric vehicle or are considering buying an electric vehicle but to not have off-street parking available. As the majority of electric vehicle owners usually charge their cars overnight on a driveway, we recognise that residents without off-street parking might be put-off purchasing an electric vehicle because they do not have access nearby charge points.

In order to overcome some of the potential barriers to purchase, the council is fitting electric vehicle charging points into streetlights allowing residents to directly charge their car from lamp columns located on the kerb side to the front of the footway. The charge points can be used by anyone who has the relevant charge cable. 


In order to be eligible to request a charge point in your area you will need to:

  • Demonstrate that you already own an electric vehicle or have committed to purchasing one
  • Have no off-street parking at your property

How long will it take?

Due to high demand, the installation of charge points can take between 6 to 9 months to install.

If you have identified charge points already installed in your area of on your road and you have a Type 2 charge cable, then you can use any of the existing charge points whilst awaiting installation of your requested charge points.

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