‘Glimpses’ of hope for Hounslow’s Dementia Action Week

Hounslow Council presents Glimpses - a film which follows one woman's journey from a diagnosis of dementia through to living with the condition.

Published: Monday, 15th May 2023

A screenshot from the film Glimpses.

Hounslow Council has commissioned a touching new film to increase awareness about the challenges faced by people in the borough living with dementia.

Glimpses is a four-minute journey through the life of Hounslow-local Saima, played by Taru Devani, who at 64, is faced with the daunting news that she has dementia. We follow Saima and her son, Adam, played by Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana, as they navigate this new phase of life where Saima learns to rely on her son, and Adam learns to step up to the plate of responsibility. By the end, their relationship dynamic may be different but their love endures all.

While the characters in Glimpses are fictitious, the issues they encounter and the challenges they face are very real. The film highlights that for anyone in Hounslow living with dementia - help is available.

The Council has worked with Hounslow-based not-for-profit Capture Minds to create the film which was produced by Josh Hillman, written by Sufiyaan Salam, and directed by Lauren Midwinter.

Shot on location in the borough, Glimpses aims to shed light on the reality of life with dementia and how services, family networks and the community all interact to support the individual who is living with the condition.

The Council and its partners will use the Glimpses to send out a message of support, solidarity and hope during Dementia Action Week, which runs from May 15 to May 21.

Hounslow Council’s Cabinet Member for Adults and Health Integration, Councillor Samia Chaudhary, said: “We are extremely proud to be showcasing this unique film which captures the reality of life with dementia in our borough during Dementia Action Week.

“This emotional and thought-provoking case study is our tribute to those brave people in our borough who are living with dementia, along with their carers, family members and friends.”

“Dementia affects everyone whose life it touches and by working together we can ensure that those people in our borough who are faced with this challenge, can continue to lead active and fulfilling lives for as long as possible.

“I would urge everyone to watch the Glimpses - it will make you think about this terrible illness in a different way. We want people in our borough to carry the film’s message with them.”

Hounslow Council will be using the video to raise awareness about dementia in the borough and beyond. It will also support the borough’s wider goal of becoming recognised as a Dementia Friendly Community.

There will be a special screening of Glimpses at Hounslow House on Monday, 15 May, to mark the start of Dementia Action Week.

Working alongside partners including The Alzheimer’s Society, Hounslow Council is supporting a host of awareness-raising events and activities in the borough during Dementia Action Week.

These include Singing for the Brain sessions, sensory outdoor walks, marketplace events and intergenerational music workshops.

Dementia Action Week is The Alzheimer’s Society’s biggest and longest-running awareness-raising campaign. It aims to demystify the condition and encourage more people who are worried about Dementia to speak with a health professional and receive a diagnosis if necessary.

Early diagnosis of dementia means that treatment can begin as soon as possible, which means the person living with the condition can have a better quality of life for longer.

Getting a diagnosis can also help to reduce the number of people being admitted to hospital for dementia in Hounslow.

Kate Sergeant, Service Manager for The Hounslow Alzheimer’s Society said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Hounslow Council for Dementia Action Week. Dementia is still somewhat of a taboo subject, especially in some communities. The more we talk about it, the more people will come forward and get the help they need. Hounslow Council’s Glimpses video is a great snapshot of living with dementia; we do hope it will prompt many to get a diagnosis and look for support before they reach crisis point.”                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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