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Hounslow Heath car park renovations – special green considerations for a small space

Hounslow Heath's free car park has now reopened to the community following significant investment in its redesign which will protect wildlife and prioritise pedestrians.

What may seem like a small upgrade has been an important improvement, partially leading to the award of the Borough’s 21st Green Flag Award in 2021, and has set a standard for all future renovations in the Borough thanks to the help of volunteers and staff from:

  • Lampton Services Greenspace
  • Maydencroft
  • Safer Neighbourhood team
  • Neighbourhood watch
  • Hounslow Heath Green Gym
  • Hounslow Heath Conservation Rangers
  • Friends of Hounslow Heath

The use of design and materials is focused on recognising Hounslow Heath as one of Hounslow’s key countryside sites, which is classed as a statutory Local Nature Reserve and a site of Metropolitan importance for wildlife.

How can a car park make a real impact on the space around it? Find out below.

Features of the renovations:

  • The green space surrounding the car park has been reinstated by the planting of new trees, areas for wildflowers to encourage biodiversity and new grasses
  • The car park has been resurfaced using a recycled plastic eco-grid material to create a more natural look and feel to the site in-keeping with the special status of Hounslow Heath
  • This surface is also permeable, allowing water to pass through it, rather than run off it, which is the case for tarmac surfaces – this prevents damage to the surrounding area as well as makes it safer for pedestrians and drivers
  • The car park surface now has clearly defined parking bays to ensure better control and management of parking – preventing cars from parking on the green space and protecting wildlife, plants and pedestrians
  • The green space adjacent to the car park footprint has been sensitively protected from cars using recycled knee-high barriers
  • Old surface materials were broken up and recycled as part of the new pedestrian compact gravel paths
  • Soft and hard landscaping and associated planting schemes will aim to design out anti-social behaviour and provide safety to visitors with a new one-way system, traffic-calming speed cushions and tables, a motorbike restrictor and more
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