Parklets FAQs

Why does the council have to approve my design?

As the local Highway Authority, the Council has ultimate responsibility for the effective and safe functioning of our roads and pavements. We have to take into account a great number of factors before making any changes to them.

Although the designs that residents produce are unlikely to be problematic if they follow the guidance we have provided, it is necessary that we have final approval to ensure that they do not affect road safety, create any problems for other residents, people travelling through the borough or in terms of maintenance or drainage.

Parklet proposals that receive initial approval may receive design input from us, this is to ensure any possible issues are solved before the parklet is installed.


Can we propose more than one on our street?

Depending on the length of the street we may consider multiple applications.


Who pays for the parklet?

Parklets are proposed by residents or businesses who will need to bear the costs and responsibilities. It may be possible to apply to the Thriving Communities Fund, subject to the usual criteria please see the following link for more information: Thriving Communities Fund | Council grants, funding and commissioning | London Borough of Hounslow

We will need to install any temporary road safety measures and can provide and install PlantLock planters where these are needed. We will see to their removal when necessary. We will organise a parking suspension for your parklet, which allows your parklet to be on the carriageway.

We will provide design review and assistance to successful proposals. We will also monitor the parklet during its life with an agreed inspection programme.

As the parklet keeper, you will be responsible for design, manufacture and installation of your parklet. You will need to ensure that all appropriate permissions are in place with Hounslow Highways prior to programming installation.

You will also need to provide soil and plants to fill the Plantlocks where they have been supplied.

It is up to you to source and purchase public liability insurance and provide proof of this to the Council. During the life of the parklet, you will be responsible for its regular maintenance and upkeep as well as for its eventual removal.


How long will the process take?

We would expect the time frame to approve an application to be approx. 1 month if all the information is submitted and approved. Time to opening a parklet will depend on the applicant and construction timetable.

This might be a little shorter or longer depending on a wide range of factors.


What if I just install a parklet on my street?

All community parklets need to be approved by the Council.

The delivery process ensures that any approved parklet is safe, legal and has been implemented with sufficient consultation with the council and the other residents of the street.

Non-approved parklets will be enforced against and removed at the expense of those responsible for them.


Why do I need public liability insurance?

As the designer, builder and keeper of your parklet, you are responsible for its safe operation and upkeep.

In the same way as a car’s owner must provide third party insurance to keep their vehicle on the street, your parklet must be covered by a public liability policy to protect against any claims made against you as its owner. The policy must be sufficient to cover you up to £10 million of third party claims.

You may find that you simply need an extension of an existing policy that you already have.


Why only one parking space?

The kerbside is a finite resource with a great many competing demands placed on it that we have to balance as the local highway authority.

We may look at allowing larger parklets in future as the scheme expands, but at this time, our community parklets on residential streets are limited to a single parking space measuring 4.5 x 1.7 metres.


Where is the best place for a parklet on my street?

This is for you to decide with your neighbours and the other residents on your street.

Think about what type of parklet you are putting forward and how this might work best in the street layout.

We will review the location proposed and provide advice on alternative locations if the initial location is not suitable. For example, we recommend that you do not place a parklet at the end of a street, near a junction, or in a loading bay.

We will have to take other considerations into account before approving a location. It may not be possible for us to approve the location that you suggest.

The location should be on a low traffic road and you should think about potential road safety implications.


Not all my neighbours support our parklet, will I still be allowed to apply?

Unfortunately this might happen, we would want to see support but appreciate not everyone may be in favour of your proposal.

Think about location and any specific concerns that are raised.

Can you amend your proposal to address the issues that are causing concern before you apply?


What if I want a parklet in front of my business?

If you are a business and would like a parklet in front of your premises you are welcome to apply and the application will be assessed in the same way.

However, please bear in mind that this process would only grant you permission to place a parklet on the street. 

If you require a license for tables and chairs on the public highway there is a separate process you need to follow. You should obtain permission for the parklet first as the licensing team will require confirmation that you have permission to use the road.

The license will need to be restricted to six months so it coincides with the first review. If permission for the parklet is extended for a further six months you will need to arrange for the license to be similarly extended.

For more information or to discuss a parklet outside of commercial premises, email:

For queries regarding licensing please contact:


What if I want a parklet for just one day?

There is already an option that allows for temporary street closures for street parties and / or play streets.

A one-day installation is more suited to these type of uses.

Play Streets | Play Streets | London Borough of Hounslow

Street party - request form | London Borough of Hounslow


I want to discuss parklets with the council. Who do I get in touch with?

Enquiries regarding parklets and this programme can be sent to

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