Cycleway 9

Cycleway 9 – Chiswick High Road Overview

Please see an overview plan of the emerging scheme below:

overview plan of the emerging scheme

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In December 2020, as an emergency response to the pandemic, in partnership with TfL, we introduced new cycling provisions on Chiswick High Road, forming a key part of the cross-borough Cycleway 9 (C9) scheme. The changes, which were installed between Goldhawk Road Junction and Heathfield Terrace, included providing a fully protected cycle lane and were introduced on a trial basis to help people to walk and cycle more often.

Following this initial trial of C9 on Chiswick High Road, a decision was made by Hounslow Cabinet in July 2021 to make changes to the scheme under a new trial. The delivery of these changes was split into two phases, phase 3a, which covers the area from Goldhawk Road Junction to Chiswick Lane, and phase 3b, which covers the stretch of C9 between Chiswick Lane and Heathfield Terrace.

In July (2022), we and Hounslow Highways completed the construction of phase 3a of the updated C9 scheme. To view more details on the plans, please visit TfL’s website.

In October (2022), we will be launching construction on phase 3b. The Council will be in regular contact with neighbouring residents and businesses to provide updates on all emerging construction works. More information on these upcoming works can be found on the next page.

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