Annex B Home Care - Hounslow Cost of Care Exercise


Multiple engagement methods were put in place to encourage the greatest response rate possible. Reasons for non-engagement were gathered where possible and are listed below: 

  • Providers reported that they did not have time available to participate in the exercise. This was particularly reported by smaller organisations who tend to operate with less back-office staff and share both operational and financial roles. 
  • Providers were struggling with annual leave or sickness within the team. As this fell during school holidays this was the most common reason for lack of submission. 
  • Providers raised concerns about sharing sensitive information and how this would be used moving forward.   
  • There was a lack of understanding of what the exercise was despite the engagement events and communications, coupled with a lack of desire to understand probably driven by other reasons listed here.
  • Some providers did not have the people with the right skill set or knowledge to complete the templates. The most common situation was that the finances were outsourced to an accountant who operated the payroll and compiled accounts but were not used/contracted to break down costs in the way the tool required. 
  • Four providers did not respond to any communication across both cohorts. These tended to be providers not commissioned by Hounslow and who supported the self-funder market exclusively. 
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