Annex B Home Care - Hounslow Cost of Care Exercise

Modelling Visit Lengths

The LQ, Median and UQ costs listed in Annex A and the previous pages in this report are calculated directly from the ARCC tool which uses a weighted blended rate of the visit lengths as listed by each provider.​

To understand how the cost vary depending on the visit length, the exercise asks to model the LQ, Median and Upper Quartile costs for 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute visit lengths.​

This has only been modelled on providers submissions that list these visit lengths. To model, in line with the ARCC guidance video published, we have amended the submissions to solely reflect either 15, 30 ,45 or 60 mins average visit lengths, and the results are listed below.​

15 Mins Visit​

30 Mins Visit​

45 Mins Visit​

60 Mins Visit​

Median Hourly Rate





Lower Quartile










Upper Quartile





Count of Submissions





The table below identifies the gap between the current LBH iBCF rate and the rate calculated and submitted as the median. 

LBH Current iBCF Home Care Rate (per Hour)​

CoC Median Rate listed by Providers (April 22)​




9.4% (£1.87 per hour)​​

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