Annex B Home Care - Hounslow Cost of Care Exercise

Annex A - Part 2

Supporting information on important cost drivers used in the calculations:​​

18+ domiciliary care​​

Number of location level survey responses received:​​


Number of locations eligible to fill in the survey (excluding those found to be ineligible):​​


(Average) Carer basic pay per hour:​​*


(Average) Minutes of travel per contact hour:​


Mileage payment per mile:​​


Total direct care hours per annum:​​


Note: The above table excludes returns found to be outliers and excluded from Annex A.
Minutes of travel per contact hour calculated by finding no. of visits possible in 1h (60mins / average visit length), then multiplying by average travel time in mins.

*Contracted providers are required to pay London Living Wage. At the time of submission this was £11.05. The carer basic pay per hour reflects the spot providers who are not obligated to pay London Living Wage. 

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