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The Hounslow Community Energy Fund is now open! It allows community groups in Hounslow to take action on climate change and become more energy efficient.

We encourage constituted community groups of all sizes and levels of experience to apply for a share of £100,000. 

The deadline for applications to be received by the Council is the 31 July 2022.

You can download the relevant documents below to find information on how to apply. Please fully read the main guidance and application guidance before applying.


Q. I want to apply, but I am not sure where I should start? 

If you want to get ideas for projects, please refer to our application guidance. Have a look at the process map which outlines the steps that should be taken to build your application to a standard that is ready to submit.

Q. How do we measure the estimated carbon saved by our project?

This is dependent on your project idea, please refer to the application guidance notes for more details on how to measure carbon emission reduction. Failure to provide this information may jeopardise your application, as we are unable to fund projects which do not highlight this. If you are finding this difficult, get in touch at environmental.strategy@hounslow.gov.uk

Q. How long is the application process open for? 

You have until the 31 July to submit your application. This is to provide you with enough time to build the business case for your idea before it is ready to be funded. This includes seeking quotes, match-funding, feasibility works, and estimating carbon reduction.

Q. What level of technical information do you require on a small or medium project, such as installing LEDs?

You should seek energy surveys from potential suppliers, with three quotes for works above £5,000. If you can provide as much information in the LBH Non-Domestic Energy Survey as you can, this can be used to highlight any changes that need to be made. Centre for Sustainable Energy has a useful explainer guide for carrying out an energy audit here.

Q. Can my project be broken up into multiple phases and seek funding for further phases once another funding round for HCEF is announced?  

Yes, we welcome phased projects that will return for further rounds of funding. Please outline your project phases (can remain high level if you are still fleshing out details) and wider project ambitions in the application. 

Q. Can I receive HCEF funding even if I have received other funds for the same project? 

Yes, as long as receiving HCEF funding is compliant with the terms of the other funding sources, we encourage you to utilise additional funding sources where possible. This included other funds administered by the Council. 

Q. How do I decide between the three quotes I've sourced? 

There are many considerations that should be taken into account when sourcing a supplier such as assurances given, value for money, service level, etc. Ultimately, it is your decision to choose a supplier you are most content with as long as you can demonstrate rational for your decision in the application. Please get in touch at environmental.strategy@houslow.gov.uk if you'd like assistance in assessing suppliers. Also see Energy Saving Trust guidance on installing renewables for considerations to prioritise when receiving quotes for renewable projects.  

Q. How will my application be assessed?

Applications will be assessed against a range of scoring criteria set out in the guidance notes. The three main principles are whether your project saves carbon, engages the community and builds social inclusion. Typically, the greater amount of funding that is requested, the greater the impact that is expected from your project.  

Q. Can my project also apply for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

Yes, you can receive a SEG tariff alongside capital grants for installing renewable generation, but not for both the SEG and FiT export tariff. Please find out more here.

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Contact us at environmental.strategy@hounslow.gov.uk

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